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Léonard Cristino

During his pre-teen, Leonard has his guitar revelation by watching the mythical scene of the Prom in « Back to the Future », when Marty Mc Fly performs Johnny Be Good!
One day, Leonard will play the guitar!

A few years later, after having worn out the mythical album “Appetite For Destruction” by the Guns n ‘Roses, he bought his first electric guitar and set up a first project in the alternative rock style, with some friends from the College.

At 20, he joined the band “The Flying Cows” with which he recorded an album of compositions and gave his first concerts.
Subsequently, he participates in several projects with friends and regularly performs in public.

After an internship at the Rock’s cool of Namur, his desire to play in a rock band that shares the same musical tastes as it is increased tenfold.

By joining the members of No Pan Kissa, the goal is more than achieved because to the pleasure of playing Rock, there is in addition the human adventure and the adrenaline of the concert halls.

Leonard_photo de profil grande
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