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Dominique Messere

Born in June 1975 in Huy, son of an Italian immigrant and a Belgian mother, it was his Italian grandfather who gave him a taste for music through the practice of the accordion. At the age of 6, his parents offered him his first private lessons in chromatic accordion and solfeggio.

At school, his teachers noticed his talent for singing and offered him, at the age of 8, to integrate the village choir. He made his first concert at a school party. He also studied theater for six years.

At 18, he and his cousins have formed a group of Italian pop-rock covers.

The group has the chance to make its first concert by inaugurating the very first Fiesta of the Rock of Flémalle.

At the age of 20, he formed another group in the cork region, with whom he made compositions and concerts.

In 2005 he met Didier (keyboards) with whom he formed a group of

Original compositions. It is thanks to this meeting that the group will become the basis of No Pan Kissa.

At the age of 31, he returned to music theory for three years and a few singing lessons. He also participates in some concerts as a chorister in Panache Culture (Reggae band).

NPK©Katia Messere-31 Concert Taverne des Arts - Liège 2016 sans logo
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