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Antoine Lejeune

Son of a father drummer / percussionist and a mother singer also practicing traditional dance, Antoine grew up in a rich musical environment, tinged with Jazz, classical or traditional music with sounds marked by instruments as particular as the bagpipe, the bignou or the bombard.

From an early age, Antoine is enrolled in the Academy of Music, but does not stick and then directs his artistic activities to drawing and urban arts such as graffiti, a world however marked by rap music.

Keeping in spite of everything a place for the music, he learns in autodidact the instruments of the world such as the didgeridoo and the percussions, and it is thanks to this learning that he crowd for the first time a scene where he accompanies his father . Will follow some representations.

At the age of 20, he opens up to other types of music more rock and when he discovers the repertoire of Jimi Hendrix, love at first sight is immediate!

While guitars have been in the family home for many years, it is only at the age of 23 that Antoine began to learn the instrument – still self-taught – and after a few months he invests in his first 6 strings!

Influenced by Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan, his style asserts itself and after 4 years of practice, the need to go out and to get on stage is felt.

After an unsuccessful experience in a pop / rock cover band and long months of research, Antoine meets No Pan Kissa and alchemy is immediate!

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